• DHud. Proud father of one, 19 years young, baddest mofo you ever did saw, and camper at Shorewood. Gots a brother named Elwood, and this chick that calls herself my sister. Wanna know more just ask.

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    Lil Fucker
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    Whaddup homeskillet?

    Denny @breakfastlunchanddenden
    Stupid is what stupid does.
    Denny @breakfastlunchanddenden
    I got a dick full of helium, I'll fuck you up.
    Denny @breakfastlunchanddenden
    I'm a gay sea otter. I blow other dudes outta the water.



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    the-thayerlynn replied to your post: Please tell me you’re ok. I need you to be ok… and Abi.

    Kylie Rose and Tori Fabray..they’re dead. They were found murdered this morning.

    Well that’s not a funny joke.